Vasectomy Reversal on the NHS

Normally you will not be able to have the vasectomy reversal on the NHS.  This is due to a vasectomy being a voluntary surgery in the first place, and subsequently having it reversed is something that you decide on your own without it necessarily damaging your health.  Generally speaking, the NHS will not fund any treatment that is not deemed necessary to maintain health. You will have to talk to your GP about your wishes first and then they will be able to refer you to a private clinic or hospital to undergo the procedure. 

Alternatively, you can contact a private clinic yourself.

Privately, reverse vasectomies cost up to two or three thousand pounds, not including any problems that might arise.  Price will depend on the clinic and surgeon performing the vasectomy reversal.  Abroad they can be cheaper, although the average saving is only about 25% and this may not incorporate any travel expenses. 

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