Microdermabrasion on your Body

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Microdermabrasion is most popular as a facial treatment, and can also be extended to the neck and upper chest in one session.  Scars and marks on the skin are most noticeable on the face, although there is no reason why other areas of the body cannot be treated if you should so wish.  Stretch marks and scars can occur all over the body, and as such you might wish to have microdermabrasion treatments on specific parts of the body.  

Areas that cannot be treated through Microdermabrasion

The only areas that cannot be treated through the use of microdermabrasion are the hands, feet, ears and eyelids due to the thinner character of the skin within these areas.  Performing microderbrasion on these areas would be painful, and might result in discolouration of the skin pigment.   

Diamond Microdermabrasion for the eyes & mouth

If you specifically wish to target areas around your mouth and eyes then it would be better for you to use diamond based microdermabrasion.  This doesn’t involve the crystals of traditional microdermabrasion, and instead a tipped wand is used to gently rub away the dead skin cells.  This can be easily controlled and poses no threat to your health, whereas loose crystals could enter your eyes or throat so is not used for these areas.  During crystal microdermabrasion you will have to wear protective goggles throughout the procedure as a result these areas cannot be treated. 

You can get home-kits that are designed for either your face or your body.  It is important that you don’t use a body home treatment kit for a facial treatment of microdermabrasion.  Your skin over your body is not so sensitive as the skin on your face, and as a result the body treatments are more severe in nature than the facial ones. 

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