Microdermabrasion when Pregnant

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Pregnancy causes real changes with your body, mainly due to an increase in hormones.  This can affect your skin, changing its dynamics so that perhaps skin conditions clear, or worsen.  It is advised that you don’t have microdermabrasion throughout this period, likewise if you are still going through puberty or the menopause.  Microdermabrasion could react against your skin in an unexpected manner if your hormone levels are above normal and you skin may not heal in a normal fashion as recovery times are also affected.  

It takes a while for your hormone levels to return to normal after you have had your baby.  Generally it is recommended that you don’t start a course of microdermabrasion until you have completely weaned your baby from breast milk and have given yourself time to recover.  This ensures that your hormone levels are back to normal, the treatment will have an effect and your skin won’t be too sensitive so will heal well. 

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