Microdermabrasion Practitioners - Who Can Carry out the Treatment?

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In the past only plastic surgeons or dermatologists could perform microdermabrasion, although now anyone who works within a spa or treatment centre can perform microdermabrasion so long as they have been appropriately trained to use the machine.  This, however, could be potentially risky as sometimes the relevant training given is not very intensive and mistakes can be made by those less experienced.  There are no qualifications or training courses necessary for someone who wants to perform microdermabrasion, although generally clinics will not offer it unless there is someone there who has been trained properly. 

The best person to perform your microdermabrasion treatment is a qualified dermatologist, skin care expert, or a plastic surgeon.  Although microdermabrasion is not a surgical procedure many plastic surgery clinics do offer it, and the treatment will be performed by someone who is highly qualified, able to properly assess your skin and apply the appropriate course of treatments.   

You can perform some form of microdermabrasion yourself within your own home using a microdermabrasion home-kit.  These are easy to use and can treat any type of skin.  It is important that you follow the instructions carefully to ensure the best results and remember that it is a weaker form of microdermabrasion to those offerend in spas or clinics. 

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