Preparing for Microdermabrasion

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There is little that you need to do in order to prepare for your microdermabrasion treatment.  During your consultation your practitioner will have informed you of certain measures that you will need to take, and will analyse your skin to ensure that microdermabrasion is an appropriate treatment for you to have.  You will be advised not to have microdermabrasion if you are pregnant, still going through puberty or if you are taking medication or using creams for ongoing acne problems.


It is important that you have time to discuss the treatment with your practitioner to ensure that your problem is suitable for microdermabrasion treatment, and that the results will satisfy your expectations.  They will be able to talk you through your preparation and advice you on any skin products that might help to prepare your skin, or to help it recover post-treatment.  

Skin products

Before you have microdermabrasion you ought not to use creams or make-up on your facial skin, or on any skin surface that is going to be treated.  This is so your skin is clear and clean and ready for the treatment.  Make-up can cause problems with the procedure as it may react with the micro-crystals used. 


It would be a good idea to try not to stay in the sun for too long before having microdermabrasion, in order for your skin to be as healthy as possible immediately before the treatment.  There is a risk of you getting some form of sunburn, which may affect the treatment and could lead to uneven skin tone.

Waxing and Shaving

Don’t wax your face before having the treatment, it would be best if you could leave hair alone for a week beforehand.  This decreases any risk of infection within the skins pores, and also allows the treatment to be as effective as possible with reduced irritation or soreness. 

You need not worry too much about preparing your skin for microdermabrasion, and you will be given advice on what best to do by your practitioner during your consultation.  If you are unsure then it is always best to ask what measures you ought to take. 

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