Risks with Microdermabrasion

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Microdermabrasion carries very little risk, but you ought to check to make sure that your past history will not affect the treatment especially if you have had skin problems or other skin treatments in the past.  This is partly the reason it is such a popular skin treatment, the low risk and non-invasive method used is highly attractive when compared to other skin care treatments.  You must be truthful with your practitioner in order to reduce the risk of any problems, and listen to their advice. 


This is the most common thing to happen after having microdermabrasion treatments, and could be seen as the biggest risk due to the visible nature of the problem.  This happens to people with darker natural skin more often than those with light skin.  Areas of skin could turn lighter or darker after the treatment.   

Eye or Respiratory Irritation

This can occur if any stray particles from the microdermabrasion procedure get into contact with the eyes or you happen to breathe them in.  This rarely happens as you will be given protective goggles to wear throughout the procedure and generally microdermabrasion operates in such a way that particles do not leave the system, however you do need to bare in mind that accidents can happen and there is still a small risk of some damage. 


If the microdermabrasion machine is not cleaned appropriately than there is a risk that you could contract an infection. This is very unlikely to occur in a reputable clinic or by someone who has received good training and is experienced in performing microdermabrasion. 

Sore/broken skin

If the machine is used with too high an impact it could result in the micro-crystals making contact with your skin at too high a speed.  This could potentially lead to sore skin, with some irritation or even marks.  This is a very rare problem, and you can prevent it from happening by having your treatment with an experienced and qualified dermatologist. 

All of these risks can be seriously reduced by using a reputable and qualified skin expert, and, ensuring that you follow their advice, none of these problems are likely to occur.

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