Results of Microdermabrasion Treatment

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Everyone has different skin colour and texture and as such they will respond differently and have a different recovery time to microdermabrasion treatments.  You mustn’t expect brilliant results after just one treatment, although some people do report healthier skin and some changes in irregularities.

Initial results - Instant results can be felt through microdermabrasion, as afterwards the skin feels fresh and rejuvenated.  You may feel as though your skin has regained some lost elasticity and generally it will feel healthier.  Some people have microdermabrasion and expect immediate results and a real decrease in the appearance of scars or wrinkles.  It is only after a full course of treatments is completed that the finished result can be viewed.  After just one treatment you ought not to expect miracle results. 

Results after the appropriate number of treatments - After you have undergone the advised number of treatments you are likely to see a real difference in the health of your skin as well as the areas that you were specifically hoping to affect.  Small scars may lessen in appearance, fine lines slightly diminish and rough skin made smoother.  The number of treatments that you will need is a very individual decision, and one that your practitioner and you will discuss before you start having microdermabrasion. 

Long-term results - Microdermabrasion is not a long-term solution for skin problems, although with some it can help to change the appearance of small irregularities such as small scars or uneven patches of skin.  It is more likely that through medical as apposed to aesthetic microdermabrasion you have an increased chance of seeing better long-term results.  In order to maintain your skins health it might be that you will be advised to have microdermabrasion on a regular basis.  This need not be as intense or often as your initial course of treatments, but more as a maintenance procedure and is something that many people use to promote healthy skin. 

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