Tribute is finally paid to the NHS

Always in the news, always criticised, always up against some form of opposition but yesterday saw the NHS deemed as one of the best healthcare services in the world. And not a minute too soon.

The new findings are based on a new Commonwealth Fund Report which is an American based report covering health services in eleven different nations. It is based on a review of over 10,000 primary care doctors. The doctors were asked questions such as; how they felt about whether their healthcare service had improved over the last three years; patient waiting time; extra financial support and so on. The studies revealed that just over half of the doctors surveyed in the NHS found that the healthcare system had improved over the last three years with a shocking one percent of doctors feeling the same in Germany. Almost ninety percent of NHS doctors reported extra financial support or the capability of receiving such support; which was the highest percentage of the eleven surveyed countries.

Perhaps we are guilty of taking the NHS service for granted; we moan we cannot see a doctor immediately, moan at the waiting lists in hospitals and dental surgeries, but when something does go horribly wrong – they are there. People have fought back against these recent elating statistics arguing that the UK is still one of the worst European countries for deaths from breast cancer and lung disease. However, our doctors think the health system is improving and perhaps we just have to look at their positive attitudes and hope for continued improvement.

Friday 6th November 2009

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