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Today, the range of braces and orthodontic systems is significantly wider than in previous decades and patients have a whole spectrum of options available to them. In the past few years, a new breed of braces has become available, presenting those who need orthodontic treatment with incredible choices that promise amazing results in addition to comfort, discreet aesthetics and speed.

CFast is a fixed brace treatment, which presents patients with a discreet and rapid alternative to traditional metal train-track braces. CFast promises fast results, a beautiful smile and enhanced comfort thanks to gentle forces and it is suitable for adults and teenagers.

An introduction to CFast

Developed in 2009 by award-winning Dr Biju Krishnan, CFast is a delicate fixed brace treatment, which offers solutions for patients with all kinds of different orthodontic imperfections; even in the most complex cases, this treatment can be highly beneficial. Many people assume that braces are cumbersome, unsightly and painful; however, if you still have that impression of braces, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised when you see CFast braces; these sleek and fine braces are made from clear components and they are barely visible to other people when you smile. They also use very gentle forces to move the teeth, so you don’t need to worry about dealing with pain.

CFast is ideally suited to those who have issues that concern the front six teeth, known as the social 6; by focusing only on these teeth, treatment times are reduced dramatically and most cases can be completed within 6 months.

CFast offers a host of benefits to patients of all ages; the braces are very discreet, they correct alignment issues very quickly and they are easy to look after. As treatment is so quick and fewer appointments are required, this is also a much more cost-effective solution than lingual braces and removable clear aligners.

This guide will provide a detailed insight into CFast treatment, discussing the advantages, the treatment process and the qualifying criteria. If you’re interested in orthodontic treatment, the information should help you to decide whether or not CFast could be the solution for you.

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Guide to CFast Braces