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The simple rule you should consider if you suffer from toothache is that something is not right. Your body will usually tell you when something is wrong and this is one of the instances in which you should listen to the pain and be seen by a professional as soon as possible. If the pain is unbearable and very uncomfortable, seek an emergency dentist.

Symptoms of Toothache

You might experience a single stabbing sensation, usually when you bite or drink. This may be affected by temperature, i.e. very cold things. You may also feel a throbbing in your jaw or teeth. Chronic toothache may be more nerve damage than anything. You may feel pain when biting down. You may also have a slightly swollen face and gums.

Causes of Toothache

The main cause of toothache is the build up of dental plaque causing cavities, which in turn can lead to infections. Cavities can become very painful and you may end up needing an emergency dentist. If the cavity reaches the tooth nerve, them you may require an RCT (root canal treatment), in which the nerve of the tooth is removed.  If you visit a dentist regularly, cavities can be treated early and toothache and nerve damage, avoided.

Nerve damage can also occur from teeth grinding. You may not even notice that you are doing this, as you may grind your teeth at night. If you or your partner notices that you are grinding, you should visit your dentist to avoid dental problems including toothache.

Oral trauma is another cause of toothache. If you have had an injury to your mouth, you may have damaged your teeth or gums, which can cause toothache.

A dental abscess is another common cause of severe toothache.

It is important to distinguish between toothache as a result of an underlying problem or it could have a perfectly normal explanation such as molars coming through at the back of the mouth. 

The problem with toothache is that many people do not visit the dentist twice a year, often due to a fear of the dentist, and this means that problems will only escalate.

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