Dental Hygiene

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Brushing Teeth

Dental hygiene is something we are all taught from a young age. The basics should always be with you, which involve brushing teeth for at least two minutes, twice daily. Most people do not spend a long enough time brushing their teeth so unless you have an electrical timed toothbrush, it may be a good idea to take a stopwatch or clock into the bathroom with you. Many people often forget to reach those difficult areas while brushing so an easy method to remember is to go over every tooth and ensure that they have been cleaned fully.


Flossing is particularly important for people who do not have perfectly straight teeth as it often means that some areas cannot be reached via brushing. Flossing daily will reduce the amount of damage to teeth and maintain a high standard of dental hygiene. What you are doing by flossing is preventing diseases and infections from starting inside your mouth, which can lead to more problems if left untreated.


This again, is another good way of getting all around your mouth to flush out bacteria and food, and help keep plaque from building up. Make sure that you have bought a good mouthwash by asking your dentist for advice.

Visiting the Dentist

Although you can do an awful lot by yourself to prevent problems and maintain great oral hygiene, it is still vital that you visit a dentist regularly as they will be able to identify problems in their early stages that we cannot notice by ourselves. Regular check-ups and professional cleaning are strongly advised.

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