General Dentistry

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Dentistry as a whole encompasses simply oral hygiene. Dentists of all areas are trained to identify, prevent and treat any diseases or problems that occur in the mouth. When we refer to general dentistry, we are looking at the dentist you see on a regular basis. These are the people who work with you individually to work towards exceptional oral hygiene. The types of treatment plans and procedures used will be dependent on your medical history and what you require. A good comparison can be drawn when considering a General Practitioner (GP) – your local doctor. However, there are many other medical professionals who deal with specialised areas only. This is exactly the same in dentistry.

General Dentist Roles

Some of the things that a general dentist might offer as services include;

You will most likely have already had more than one of the above procedures performed. Along with the procedures above, a general dentist can also refer you to specialists such as an orthodontist. Aim to visit your general dentist every 6 months and make additional appointments if you are worried about anything.

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