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Most toothpastes in actual fact are exactly the same. Most ingredients will include fluoride, which is what dentists recommend to use as it helps to actively fight dental plaque. All other ingredients will usually be for the benefit of the sensation and colour in the paste and the degree to which it foams in the mouth. Although a lot of toothpastes promise completely different things, sometimes what you really are getting is a slightly more abrasive version. This can be detrimental to your teeth and it is advised that you consult a dentist before deciding to move onto more abrasive toothpastes. What is important when brushing your teeth is mostly not even about the toothpaste but rather how well you are cleaning your teeth. If you use a fluoride based toothpaste, there isn’t really much else to consider.

Types of Toothpaste

Whether you are looking for a toothpaste that will offer you fresh breath or whiter teeth, this is entirely down to you and only you will be able to know what works best. Some people react very well to different toothpastes and notice a change very quickly whereas with other people they may never notice a change. This is because everyone is different, and of course this also includes your teeth and mouth.

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