Dental Retainers

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Dental retainers can either be removable (most common), or fixed, and are used to help stabalise the teeth within your mouth.  This is necessary either after a trauma or after your orthodontic braces are removed.  For small cases of orthodontic problems, such as over-bite, a retainer might be used as a treatment rather than a brace. 

Your dental retainer will be specifically made to fit your mouth, with a mould being made using dental putty first and a technician making it for you inside a laboratory.  They are usually made from plastic and wire, and are similar to a removable brace in appearance.  There are many different types of dental retainer, and the one for you will be custom made. 

Dental Retainer Maintenance

The majority of dental retainers a removable and ought to be taken out when you are eating.  This can prove problematic as retainers are easily lost or thrown away.  A case is therefore a very wise idea, making it a part of your daily routine to use one and place it somewhere safe while you eat. 

Retainers are relatively delicate, and ought to be removed while you are playing contact sports.  You ought to try not to drop them or otherwise cause damage to them. 

Dental Retainer Treatment Time

The length of time that you will have to wear your retainer for is very much dependant on you and the treatment that you have had.  Your dentist will advise you on this, and let you know when it is safe to stop using your retainer.