Dental Tooth Fillings Pain & Discomfort

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Cavities are painful.  As the dental pulp of your teeth is exposed it can produce a very painful toothache that will affect you on a day to day basis.  If you maintain regular dental check ups then this pain can be avoided, as any potential problems can be spotted and sorted quickly by your dentist.  The amount of pain you will be in will depend on the size and placing of your cavity.  Having the filling can cause some discomfort, but will ultimately eliminate any pain that you may be experiencing due to your cavity.

During the filling procedure it is common for your dentist to administer an anaesthetic to ensure that you don’t experience any pain throughout the filling.  However, it is still likely that you will feel some form of discomfort, although this will be minimal. 

After the filling has been applied then you will have to wait for the anaesthetic to wear off.  This will take up to 4 hours and you must be careful to avoid chewing so that you don’t bite the inside of your mouth.  When the anaesthetic has worn off the area might be quite sore for a while.  Chewing and biting might cause discomfort.  You can use salt water rinses to help with the pain, and your dentist will advise you on the best over the counter painkillers to use.

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