Leaking Filling

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When a filling doesn’t fit flush against the tooth and protrudes slightly from the cavity then it is said to be ‘leaking’.  If this has occurred then you will need to revisit your dentist so that it can be resolved, as leaving it could lead to food debris and saliva working between the tooth and the filling. 

Leaking Amalgam Filling

Amalgam fillings can leak for up to three weeks after they are fitted.  You will notice this as an increasing tooth sensitivity to warm and cold within the tooth.  As the amalgam filling wears down slightly it gradually seals off any areas that could be contaminated with food debris or saliva.

Leaking Composite Filling

A composite filling is mainly compromised when there is saliva left within the cavity when the filling is being fitted.  This might lessen over time but if it doesn’t then your dentist will need to replace the filling.

Leaking fillings can also occur due to every day wear and tear placed on your teeth. 

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