Dental Twin Block

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Twin blocks are an orthodontic functional appliance used to help correct jaw alignment normally in children.  Often the jaw develops too far back, and while the child is growing this can be modified using braces.  They were first used in the 1980’s, and continue to be a good way to rectify a jaw that might be growing towards malocclusion.  Your upper teeth should only be 2 to 4 mm in front of your lower jaw.  Any more than this can cause problems with occlusion

Dental Twin Block Treatment

Twin blocks are two braces, one for the upper set of teeth and one for the lower, that are entirely removable.  The braces work on both sets of the jaw, and cover all of the teeth. Basically there are four blocks that are strategically placed so that in order for you to close your mouth, you have to put pressure on your lower jaw, thus pushing it forward.  This, over time, allows your lower jaw to move forward.  In four months a gap of 10mm can be reduced to only 4mm when using dental twin blocks.  At first you might find that your mouth is sore and that you have problems speaking and eating.  This will all pass as your mouth becomes accustomed to the braces. 

The braces are usually in place for about a year.  After this time you are likely to have to wear a different, fixed brace for a further 20 months or so.  This is because the twin blocks affect the jaw, and not the teeth themselves.  Another brace is usually required to straighten the teeth after a dental twin block has been used.

Dental Twin Block Management

Eating is likely to be difficult at first, and it is possible for you to remove your braces until you get used to this.  You ought to remove the braces whenever you play sport and ought to remove them in order to clean your teeth.  Whenever you clean your teeth you ought to also clean the brace.  This can be done using a toothbrush and toothpaste.  The brace will have a screw in the middle which you will need to turn in order to tighten the brace and continue the jaws movement.  Normally this is done twice a week. 

Dental Twin Block Results

The twin block will be used to move your jaw and to stop malocclusion from occurring.  It does not have much of an influence over your teeth alignment and as such it is likely that you will require a fixed brace after the dental blocks have performed their function.  The results of a dental block are permanent, and can seriously help to correct a receding jaw.