How much does a Dental Check-Up or Dental Exam, Cost?

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There are two kinds of dentists you can visit in the UK, an NHS and a private dentist. There are a wide variation in prices so a dentist who charges a very high price tends to have state of the art equipment or a reputation of excellent standards. However, just because a dentist is offering cheap prices doesn't mean that the care he provides is not of a high quality. Most dentists would agree you should have a dental check up at least twice a year unless you have a condition which makes you more vulnerable to dental problems then you should visit your dentist more often. In the vast majority of cases it is much cheaper to undergo preventative treatments and have regular exams, than wait until a problem has developed to fix it both in terms of price and the extent of the work required.

Since 2006 the NHS has undergone a number of reforms which aim to provide patients with improved access to the NHS dental services. It has also helped uncomplicate the way procedures are charged by standardising fees into three bands. Streamlining the billing process in this manner is supposed to make it easier for patients to understand costs. Sadly, the number of dentists providing work for the NHS has lessened greatly.

The fee's for NHS dentists are broken down as follows; for check ups and very minor treatments the price is set at £16.50 (2009). For slightly more complex treatments the price is £45 and for the most extensive and complex treatments the maximum fee is £198. However, there are a range of cases where patients will qualify for free NHS care such as those under the age of 18, those in full time education and over 18, expecting mothers, those on income support and those named on a HC2 certificate.

If you are not eligible for NHS dental care, it may be worth looking into dental insurance, as many dental procedures can come at quite a high price.

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