Is Cosmetic Dentistry Expensive?

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What you pay for your cosmetic dentistry treatments is reliant on a range of factors. The treatment itself is the most important aspect, with some cosmetic dentistry procedures requiring more extensive treatment and others being relatively quick and simple. The clinic where your treatment is performed will also have a big impact on the cost. Clinics with cutting edge technology or that come highly recommended will usually tend to charge more. Similarly, the dental professional who carries out your treatment may have undergone specialist training and achieved a range of qualifications which tends to increase the price. Similarly, what materials are used during the treatment will also factor into the cost. For example, if you are having a filling put in, then silver or amalgam fillings tend to be much cheaper than their composite counterparts.

Cost of Common Dental Procedures

Dental Veneers - Porcelain shells placed on the surfaces of your teeth used to correct a range of aesthetic issues such as crowding, gaps, chipped, damaged or worn teeth. Prices range from £300-£2000 per tooth.

Dental Bridges - A dental restoration which can be used to replace one or more teeth by using nearby teeth to anchor the restoration. Gold, porcelain or a combination of alloys are used in the creation of bridges and dental crowns are required to act as anchors for the restoration. Prices average around £250-£800 per tooth.

Gum Contouring - Gum contouring is a cosmetic treatment used to correct gums which are highly visible or other types of gum tissue overgrowth. The procedure makes use of a laser to shave away small parts of the excess gum tissue and shaping the gum to give it a natural look. Prices start at around £400.

Dental Crowns - A restoration used on teeth which have weakened or broken for a range of reasons such as decay, damage or trauma to the mouth. Following more extensive dental treatments like a root canal, crowns are often used to strengthen what's left of the natural tooth. Crowns are often preferable to fillings on teeth which have become significantly weaker. Prices start at about £300 per tooth.

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