What is Sports Dentistry?

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Sports Dentistry is a specialist field of dentistry concerned with treating and preventing injuries of the face or oral cavities and other related oral diseases. Sports dentistry has become widely used since the 90's as a way to provide the necessary protection to minimise injuries of the mouth that occur due to sport. Sports dentistry helps prevent and treat these injuries using a number of methods. For example, in many contact sports, teaching tackling techniques which decreases the risk of injuring the mouth or advising players on buying and maintaining the right equipment to protect their mouths during play. There are an ever-increasing range of equipments available to sports players and much of the time a sports dentist will advise players on what equipment to buy and how to properly utilise the equipment.

Sports dentists not only treat injuries from sports in clinics, but will also provide first-hand treatment at the place where the injury took place such as on the rugby pitch or football field. As the sports dentist often won't have the diagnostic equipment and tools available to them that they would at a clinic, the ability to provide on-site diagnosis and emergency dental treatment is vital. Sports dentists are also concerned with examining players and preventing injuries before they participate. Any work which needs to be done such as Orthodontics, fillings, dental crowns or extractions will need to be properly scheduled to fit in with the season so that players oral health doesn't compromise their playing ability.

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