Dental Implants Bath

If you have lost teeth (or a single tooth) due to an accident to the mouth, tooth decay, gum disease or old age, your teeth can be replaced with dental implants. This may be for aesthetic and/or functional reasons. Dental implants are artificial substitutes for the root portion of your natural tooth. A crown, bridge or a denture can be secured firmly onto this root. A normal denture or a fixed-bridge are other possible options but a dental implant provides a longer-term solution, helping to slow down bone loss and preserving nearby healthy tooth tissue.

If you would like to know more about dental implants for missing or lost teeth, book a consultation with a dental implant surgeon in Bath. Not all dentists offer dental implants in Bath, as particular training and experience are required.

Note that dental implants are a private dental treatment that is not usually available from an NHS dentist. Visit our Dental Implants Guide.

Dental Practices offering Dental Implants in Bath


Bath Spa Dentistry
19a James Street West
Tel: 01225 464346

Aquae Sulis Dental Practice
Station Court
Ashley Avenue
Lower Weston
Tel: 01225 339767

The Dental Implant Clinic‎
24 Newbridge Cour
BA1 3JZ‎
Tel: 01225 448 400‎

Bath Dental Implant Centre‎
7 Edgar Buildings
BA1 2EE‎
Tel: 01225 466 086‎

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