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Healozone is a relatively new way of treating cavities and decay by using oxygen as a base for cleaning.  Oxygen is converted into Ozone, which is then propelled onto the tooth through air-tight tubes for around 30 seconds.  The Ozone washes over the area, inside the cavity and around the affected tooth, removing 99.9% of all decay.  After this has occurred it is then sucked back into the tube and broken back down into oxygen. 


Ozone is a gas form that is found in the air around us.  It is mostly present at very high altitudes, and can also be smelt after storms as a clean, fresh smell.  It contains oxidizing properties, and as such has been used to purify water for 40 years.  When blasted at a cavity it removes all of the bacteria within the area, so cleaning and treating filling or infections. 

Healozone Uses

  • Cleaning cavities
  • Tooth cleaning
  • Cleaning cracks or damage to the teeth
  • To treat bad mouth ulcers
  • In place of air abrasion or drilling when removing tooth decay. 

Healozone is best used in instances of decay or infection as it kills bacteria so preventing things getting worse.  Sometimes no filling or fitting is necessary after treatment with Healozone, as the gel applied afterwards can increase calcium development and enable the area to be pain-free.  With some instances such as deep cavities or cracked teeth, you may still have to have a filling or a crown applied, although the use of healozone can improve the chances of there being no additional complications or a return of the infection or decay. 

Healozone Advantages

  • Totally pain-free with no need for injections or drilling
  • Ozone and oxygen are completely safe to people and can cause no side effects or harm
  • It can mean that you don’t need to have fittings placed in small cracks or cavities
  • Prevents tooth decay and removes bacteria and decay from the affected area
  • Good for using with young children or patients who are nervous of the dentist
  • Once applied the decay to your tooth is stopped in it’s tracks, your teeth become more resistant to decay

Healozone Disadvantages

  • This is a preventative method really, and should be thought of as such.  It is best used early on in the decay stage rather than as a treatment for severe cases.

Still a very new method and treatment for some forms of dental decay are not completely researched.  Although the potential for Healozone is large, currently its uses are limited.