Mercury Fillings

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Mercury fillings have been a source of controversy for years in the past. Every so often a new piece of ‘evidence’ will be brought forward warning of the dangers of having mercury fillings. This inevitably leads to a rush of people wishing to get these types of fillings removed and puts strain on dental healthcare professionals. It is clear to us all that the media prefer to print negative stories rather than safety messages but the simple fact is this; there has never been a study which has provided evidence for the fact that mercury fillings are dangerous and even quite to the contrary, recent studies have shown that there is absolutely no risk at all. However a number of people may wish to get their mercury fillings removed due to a metal taste or simply for appearances. Mercury fillings are also not generally recommended for pregnant women.

Alternatives to Mercury Fillings

A much more widely used and more attractive proposition for fillings is to use composite resin materials. They more closely match the natural colour of teeth and require less tooth preparation time too. Although the alternative to mercury fillings often takes longer to implement and involves much more equipment, most dentists are fully trained in the composite materials and due to public opinion of mercury fillings being toxic or linked to other conditions, most dentists and patients prefer the alternative.

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