Orthodontic Braces Receive the Thumbs Up

Tuesday 23rd February 2010

A recent survey conducted through England and Wales has revealed a positive attitude from people of all ages towards orthodontic braces. The research as conducted by the British Lingual Orthodontic Society revealed that up to 20% of the population feel their teeth would be advantaged by a brace. However, people still seem unaware of the lingual treatments available for all those who do not wish their braces to be visible.

877 people of the ages 15 and above were asked numerous questions for this latest survey which analysed patient’s awareness and attitudes towards various different orthodontic treatments. Braces were favoured by younger studies with a quarter of the 15-17 age group saying they would like to have straighter teeth, whereas only 5% of the 45-54 age group felt the same. However, perhaps more surprisingly is the fact that the percentages do not differ between genders, as 18% of men had a positive attitude towards braces, with 19% of women feeling this way too.

When it came to lingual braces, a staggering 72% of the study group was unaware of them and this could be down to previous trends and health treatments. The chairman for the British Lingual Orthodontic Society, Rob Slater, suggests that the UK population has previously been influenced by the USA as they tend not to opt for lingual braces because they are keen to discuss treatments they are having done. Equally, visible braces have been something that the NHS has been issuing for many years now. Despite this, it appears that attitudes are changing with growing awareness of invisible options as people of all different ages desire invisible dental work. Some teenagers would prefer lingual braces in order to feel less self-conscious and older people can prefer this for the same reason but also professionally speaking.

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