Baker Street Dental

102 Baker Street, London, W1M 1LA

Telephone: 020 8748 9365



Located only a couple of minutes walking distance from the Baker Street Station, our first clinic (Baker Street Dental) has been treating Londoners for over 40 years. Continuously updated, the clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and enables treatment of a large variety of dental issues.

General Dentistry

With a large team of exceptional dentists and specialists we’re delighted to be offering a full range of dental services. Our patients can take advantage of all the most modern technology including an in-clinic CT Scan and CEREC 3D milling machine for their general dentistry, sparing themselves the need to go to various practices for the varying treatment needs they may have.

The general dentistry services we offer range from the most generic treatments such as dental check-up, dental hygiene and Airflow offered at competitive pricing, to more advanced treatment including oral surgery and TMJ treatment.

In Baker Street Dental patients can enjoy a same-day ceramic veneer, bridge, or crown created for them, or an entirely pain-free root canal treatment.

Following a Green Dentistry policy, offering customised treatment to nervous dental patients, and working with the best dental materials available to us, we aim to ensure that our customer service is as advanced and innovative as our dental treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Completing our portfolio of services, we offer cosmetic dental treatments to our existing and new patients. Below are some of the services we offer and how they benefit our patients.

Adult Orthodontics

With a choice between fixed braces, lingual braces, clear aligners or ceramic braces, our patients can select the treatment which best suit their clinical needs and lifestyle. A treatment plan, created and discussed with our patients during their initial appointments, helps them prepare for the duration and demands of an adult orthodontic treatment.

Composite bonding

Used to close gaps, apply a protective layer over sensitive teeth, even the smile, whiten the teeth, or else, composite bonding is one of the most loved cosmetic dental procedures. A smile can be completely transformed with composite bonding, without discomfort and in a 100% pain-free procedure.


Offering a choice between ceramic and composite veneers, we are welcoming patients who seek this treatment for either aesthetic or medical reasons.

Teeth whitening

With a choice between an in-chair Phillips Zoom teeth whitening and a home teeth whitening kit, we complete the full range of dental services for our patients.

Emergency Dentistry

Both existing and new patients can take advantage of around-the-clock emergency dentistry services at Baker Street Dental, with active treatment from the first appointment. Whether you need an immediate pain relief through medication, puss discharge from a painful dental abscess, or a restoration of a cracked or broken tooth, we have the specialists and equipment to provide you with prompt service in a relaxing, enjoyable environment. The range of emergency dental services we offer is large, but some of these services are:

  • Toothache relief
  • Tooth extraction
  • Dental abscess treatment
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Broken/cracked tooth repair
  • Broken/lost dental filling repair
  • Same-day ceramic dental crown
  • Same-day ceramic dental veneer
  • Same-day ceramic dental bridge
  • Dental crown re-bonding/adjustment
  • Dental veneer re-bonding/adjustment
  • Dental bridge re-bonding/adjustment
  • Denture repair/adjustment
  • Orthodontic emergencies
  • +more

The Baker Street Dental Clinic is open to new and existing patients 24/7 and comes highly recommended with over 1000 five-star reviews across digital channels. Walk-in patients are welcome, although we do recommend booking an appointment over the phone to ensure that you are seen as soon as possible upon arrival.

Baker Street Dental Clinic’s multinational and multilingual team

Located in Central London and being the clinic-of-choice to both Londoners and visitors alike, the team of Baker Street Dental encompasses specialists, dentists, nurses, and receptionists many of whom are bilingual and happy to assist clients whose first language isn’t English. Information about the practice is available in a large number of languages on the official website of the clinic.

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