Baker Street Dental

102 Baker Street, London, W1M 1LA

Telephone: 020 8748 9365



Clinic Profile

Established over thirty years ago, the Baker Street Dental Group has three clinics in central London that offer expert dentistry services. All three clinics offer general dentistry and dental hygiene services, expert cosmetic dentistry and round the clock emergency dental care. The three clinics are found on Baker Street and near Hammersmith and Liverpool Street tube stations. Each clinic is well serviced by public transport.

Baker Street Dental Team

Each clinic is staffed by a team of expert dental care professionals including dentists, dental hygienists, specialists endondontists, periodontists and orthodontists. Staff are dedicated to providing clients with the highest possible standards of care. The team are available for consultation and appointments throughout the day and evening, with the clinics open between 9am - 11pm, Monday - Saturday. Rapid response around-the-clock emergency dental service is also available.

Staff at the clinic pride themselves on their ability to communicate with and put at ease, customers who do not speak English as their first language. Staff speak languages including Arabic and Polish.

General Dental Services

The Baker Street Dental Group are able to offer a wide range of general dental services that include fillings, tooth extraction, root canal treatment and more. The clinic's hygienists operate a fresh breath clinic that involves thoroughly cleaning the mouth in order to improve oral health and reduce bad breath.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

It is possible to advise clients on the best dental treatments that will improve the cosmetic appearance of the teeth, mouth and smile. Treatment options include recontouring gums, whitening teeth, bridging the gaps between teeth, replacing fillings and cosmetic veneers. The clinics also carry a range of specialist home bleaching kits that whiten teeth.

Each clinic is also able to offer an extreme smile makeover service that combines treatments in order to transform and dramatically enhance the mouth, teeth and smile.

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