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A restoration is another word for a treatment that helps to stabalize the tooth or prevent further problems.  The most common forms of restorations are dental tooth fillings, dental crowns, bridges and dental veneers.  It is important that you have a tooth restored if it is needed.  Not doing so can lead to further decay, larger fractures and eventually the loss of your tooth. 

Tooth restoration is a specialised form of dentistry that in extreme forms will have to be treated by a dental specialist.  Sometimes the restoration of teeth can be problematic and might need surgery in order to properly complete.  For example if there isn’t enough bone to support a dental implant you might have to have a dental implant bone graft to accommodate this. 

Benefits of Restorations

Restorations are usually a very beneficial treatment and can seriously improve your smile as well as occlusion or bite.  Having a restoration can also help to stablize the rest of your teeth so helping to prevent any problems.  Your oral hygiene can also improve as access to the teeth through brushing is better.  You will be given advice by a hygienist on how to maintain your restorations depending on what they are and whether they are removable or not.