Inhalation Sedation or Gas by your Dentist

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Inhalation sedation is also referred to colloquially as ‘laughing gas’.  This is administered via a nasal cannulae and contains oxygen, (30%), and nitrous oxide gas, (70%), which smells pleasant and is colourless.  It allows the patient a happy and light sensation while still being conscious of all events around them and in control of their movements.  Nitrous oxide normally takes about 5 minutes to take effect.
Nitrous Oxide and Inhalation Sedation Advantages

  • Takes effect quickly
  • Can be used for a controlled amount of time
  • Can be administered gradually until you are at a good state of sedation
  • Once the gas is stopped it leaves your body within a few minutes
  • There are no after-effects or drowsiness
  • No need for injections or needles
  • It has pain relieving properties as well as sedation effects.

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