IV Sedation by your Dentist

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This is administered through the vein using a drug such as midazolam.  Normally this will be injected into the back of the hand or the arm through a small plastic tube that will have been placed there.  The drugs will be slowly released over a few minutes in stages until the patient feels calm.  You will not remember much of your treatment as the drugs induce a sleep like state, resulting in partial or total amnesia.  This form of sedation tends to last around one hour and wears off gradually. 

IV sedation cannot be used for people who are:

  • Pregnant
  • Prone to kidney or lung problems
  • Allergic to sedatives
  • Over the age of about 60.  IV sedation is not recommended for older patients.

IV Sedation Advantages

  • Can be administered slowly until a desired state is reached
  • Produces a deep form of sedation, this is probably the strongest form of sedation method available for dentistry work

IV Sedation Disadvantages

  • Administered using a needle which can cause distress
  • Can cause blood clotting
  • The drug takes a while to wear off, which means that you will need to have someone around to help you and drive after your treatment

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