Oral Sedatives from your Dentist

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Oral sedatives are given in pill form, and are given to patients before surgery to take away any worry or stress that they might have.  Oral sedatives are a longer process than merely administering a drug or applying laughing gas.  Your dentist will give you pills to take the evening before the treatment and the morning of the treatment.  You will become very drowsy with these drugs, and will require help to get to and from the clinic as they affect your senses or sound, smell and pain. 

Oral sedatives are not analgesic, they won’t stop you from feeling any pain.  As a result it is likely that your dentist will also use a local anaesthetic if necessary.  It is also likely that you will not remember any of the procedure as they produce an amnesia type effect. 

Oral Sedative Advantages

  • Doesn’t involve needles

Oral Sedative Disadvantages

  • You will have to have someone to help you continuously as you take the sedatives
  • It will take a while for the drugs to leave your system.
  • You will have to have a local anaesthetic if the procedure will cause any pain

It is a much longer process than other forms of sedation.

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