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The literal interpretation of stomatitus is a swelling of the mouth.  This includes the cheeks, gums, tongue and lips as well as the roof of your mouth.  There might be small amounts of bleeding, swelling and a red colour to the affected areas. 

Types of Stomatitis

  • Viral.  The stomatitis is caused by some form of virus within the body.  Typical cases include glandular fever, herpes and hand/foot/mouth disease.
  • Bacterial.  This is an uncommon form but might occur if you already have a sore throat or through disease such as syphilis.
  • Fungal.  This can occur if you have a very low immune system or other health problems which might require a high use of antibiotics.
  • Non infective.  The most common reason for stomatitis is recurring mouth ulcers.  It is normally unknown as to why these occur but they normally go within 2 weeks.  Stomatitis could also be due to problems within the digestive system, often being a problem with people who have Crohn’s disease or colic.  Some vitamin deficiencies can cause stomatitis, the main problems being a lack of riboflavin, miacin and B12. 

Causes for Stomatitis

  • Bad oral hygiene
  • Badly fitting fixtures such as dentures or braces
  • Burning due to hot food or drink
  • Medical problems such as leukemia or Chrohn’s disease

Stomatitis Treatment

You need to get to the source of the problem before you can effectively manage and treat stomatitis.  Being sensible about the foods you eat can help.  For example it is best to avoid crunchy or sharp foods.  Also increasing the amount of oral hygiene can help to clear up cases where this might be a part of the problem.  Use a soft toothbrush and brush your teeth gently.   If you wear braces or dentures then you ought to get the fit checked by your dentist to ensure they aren’t the problem.   Your dentist can replace these so that they fit, or smooth teeth that are sharp which could also cause a similar response.  Minor burns and mouth ulcers sort themselves out within one or two weeks. For other forms of stomatitis that is there due to illness or infection it will have to be treated with medication and you ought to seek medical help.