Tooth Jewelry

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As a fashion accessory you can have jewels and precious stones placed on the enamel of your teeth.  These can vary hugely in price and in quality, from high carat diamonds to plastic imitations.  They were first used in 1986 as a way to add something different to your smile.  Normally your dentist will position these for you, allowing them to adhere well to your dental enamel so achieving a well-stuck, well-positioned jewel. 

Tooth Jewelry Application

Your dentist will talk you through the procedure before you commit to having tooth jewelry.  First your dentist will clean your teeth using a air abrasion stain removal and brushing.  They will scratch at the surface of the tooth that is having a jewel fitted to it, usually phosphoric acid will be used, your tooth will then be dried before adhesive is placed onto the surface of the tooth. The jewel is placed on the tooth with a small amount of composite on the back in order to stick it to your tooth’s enamel. Any overspill of composite is wiped away and the jewel pressed down hard for several seconds, until the adhesive begins to dry. The surface of your jewel is then polished. 

This procedure doesn’t make any invasive movements into your tooth’s make up, and won’t hurt you in any way.  The method for application is the same for a normal tooth, or for a crown or veneer. 

Tooth Jewelry Lifespan

A jewel applied to the tooth in this fashion ought to last the length of time you wish it to.  They can be removed very easily without any remaining damage to your tooth, and normally last until you decide to remove them.  They will certainly last six months and ought to stay in place indefinitely. 

Tooth Jewelry Maintenance

There is nothing special that you need to do to clean your jewel or to ensure that it stays in position.  Once applied you ought not to notice that it is there, and should continue to brush your teeth as normal.  The jewel is fixed in a very similar way to an orthodontic bracket, and will leave no trace of it ever having been there so long as you stick to a good oral hygiene routine.

Tooth Jewelry Home Kits

There are kits that you can buy to allow you to apply the gem to your tooth at home.  They are available over the Internet or from certain fashion stores.  You will need to ensure that you clean your teeth well before application, and that you follow all of the instructions given with the kit.  These are usually inexpensive, costing around £10 to £20.  Home kits allow you to have a tooth jewel for special occasions, normally once they have been applied they will only last a few weeks, or you can remove them after one day and re-use them.  The adhesive used is quite strong, and is often used in dental procedures.  As such it will not cause any harm to your teeth so long as you use it properly.