Atkins & Alcohol

Like most diets, alcohol is not recommended on the Atkins diet. Of the four stages of the Atkins diet (Induction, On-going weight loss, Pre-maintenance and Maintenance) alcohol is permitted in moderation during the On-going weight loss, Pre-maintenance and Maintenance stages. However, in the latter two stages alcohol may hinder your weight loss. If you are finding it hard to lose weight, or are putting weight back on, it is recommended that you restrict your alcohol intake or preferably cut it out altogether. Alcohol is not permitted at all during the Induction phase of the diet.

If you do drink alcohol while on the other stages of the Atkins diet then it is best to try and stick to alcoholic beverages which contain less carbohydrate. Beer, ale, port and sweet sherry are all high in carbohydrates. Wine generally has a moderate carbohydrate content however dry white wine has a much lower carbohydrate content. Spirits generally have virtually no carbohydrates, though you should be careful of the mixers that you drink them with.

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