Atkins & Athletes

Athletes require a great deal of energy in order to perform to their optimum level. The best energy source for the body comes from carbohydrates. This is because this is the only energy source that is stored as glycogen in your muscles. Without this energy source and its conversion in your muscles, athletes are unlikely to perform as well as they might otherwise be able to and they will also probably experience high levels of fatigue.

Given the amount of exercise that you do as an athlete, it is likely that the best diet for you is to observe the traditional balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. This should also include plenty of carbohydrates to sustain your volume of physical exertion. By incorporating some protein and whole foods and avoiding processed and junk foods you should still feel satisfied after meals and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

If you are an athlete and you still wish to reduce your body fat percentage then it is recommended that you consult a nutritionist who specialises in sports nutrition. In this way they should be able to advise you so you can lose weight without compromising your performance.

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