Snack with Atkins Diet

For many people their main downfall when trying to keep to a diet is snacking. If you cannot cut out snacking then you should make sure that your snacks complement your diet plan. In fact many believe that snacking, or ‘grazing’, is a better approach rather than having three separate meals each day.

To get you started here are some low-carbohydrate snack ideas. Some seem a little strange, however they are better than they may sound and the combinations are ideal when you are following the Atkins diet.

  • Celery and low carbohydrate dips
  • Tuna or chicken side salad (be careful you choose a low sugar dressing)
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Portion of berries with cottage cheese
  • Nuts, though be careful to try and limit your portion sizes
  • Seeds,  such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds
  • Low sugar jerky
  • Low carbohydrate milk shakes
  • Cheese portions (add some slices of apple for a slightly larger snack)
  • Jelly (make sure it is a brand that is sugar free)
  • Plain yoghurt (add berries and sugar-free sweetener if you prefer)
  • Smoked salmon with cream cheese on slices of cucumber
  • Make wraps out of either lettuce or low carbohydrate sandwich meat with tuna or egg salad, cheese, vegetables, low carbohydrate dips, etc. for the filling
  • Raw vegetables (not root vegetables) and a low carb dip, such as spinach dip for example
  • Ricotta cheese (add fruit, nuts or flax seed meal as preferred)
  • Snack bars (most are very high in carbohydrate so check the label for bars that are compatible with Atkins – especially watch out for sugar alcohols, such as maltitol, which should be avoided)
  • Atkins Advantage Bars (go to the Atkins official website for more information on where to buy these)
  • Pepperoni crisps (microwave pepperoni slices until crispy – these can be accompanied with cheeses and dips for a slightly larger snack)

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