Incorporating Atkins into your Existing Meals

For many, cutting out and minimising carbohydrate intake can be very difficult. There are many ways that you can try and make this a little easier however.

  • The Atkins’ website has many tips on how to avoid carbohydrates and also additional helpful substitutes.
  • You can order substitute products from the Atkins website, such as Atkins bake mix, which reduce the carbohydrate content of your meals.
  • The above reduced-carbohydrate bake mix minimises the carbohydrate content of all your baking so you can have cakes, breads, etc.
  • Use sugar substitutes instead of regular sugar which should have less ‘food energy’. Be sure to check the packets though to make sure this is the case – some substitutes are better than others.
  • Search your local stores for controlled-carbohydrate pasta so that you can still enjoy your favourite Italian dishes from time to time.
  • Use reduced-carbohydrate bread instead of regular brands. By doing this you can still enjoy a sandwich or two while you are on your diet.
  • Sometimes this high-protein diet can become quite monotonous if you do not know how to vary your meals. Experiment with different ways of cooking things – use different spices and seasonings to add variety and interest to potentially similar meals. However be careful that you take note of the ingredients that you use when making your sauces. Ingredients such as refined white flour, honey and sugar can impede your weight loss when following the Atkins diet.

If you are finding it difficult to lose weight, or would like to lose more, then the above areas might provide you with some indication as to either where you are going wrong or where there are areas that you can reduce your carbohydrate intake even more.

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