Benefits of Atkins

Quick Weight Loss

As the Atkins diet lowers your insulin levels it is very good if you want to lose weight quickly – for example, for a particular occasion. It is also a good diet for you if you have hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance.

Avoiding Calorie Counting

It can be very refreshing not to have to count calories to ensure you lose weight. This is particularly true if you have tried many calorie controlled diets in the past – to change how you perceive food and their relevance in your diet can be relieving and possibly quite liberating.

Foods Allowed on Atkins

The refreshing thing about the Atkins diet is that you are allowed, and often even encouraged, to eat foods that are usually heavily restricted or prohibited on most other diets. This in turn may mean that you are more likely to make a success of your diet, particularly if you bear in mind that there are still certain rules you must keep to to ensure optimum weight loss on the Atkins diet.

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