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People need to broaden their vision when it comes to laser eye surgery

Everyday people are turned away from Lasik eye surgery; be it they have too thinner corneas, cataracts, large pupils…the list is endless. This means every day people give up hope that they can receive the vision that they want without the aid of glasses. However, Dr Gulani, as defined by Goldline Research as one of the United States leading laser eye surgeons, offers the possibility that all is not lost.

Laser Eye Surgery enters its 21st year

Twenty-one years ago a new surgery was underway; one that left people without their sight, blurred vision and unable to look at bright lights. However, nowadays, this surgery is one of the most popular surgeries performed each year and leaves people free to see things clearly again.

Eye Surgery without a Blade

Laser eye surgery has now advanced to even bigger levels. Whilst laser-eye surgery is not something new to us all, it is developing rapidly. LASIK (Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) laser eye surgery involves making an incision into the cornea of the eye.

U.S survey shows high number of side effects with Lasik treatment

A recent survey from American consumer watchdog Consumer Reports has found that from 793 adults who have had Lasik surgery in the last eight years, around 55 percent still say they need to wear glasses or contact lenses on many occasions such as reading or driving.

Laser Eye Surgery not right for you?

If you have ever wished to be free from the constraints of glasses or contact lenses, then some form of laser eye surgery may be suitable for you. It is important that you understand the procedure, the recovery period and anything that can go wrong, to ensure you are fully prepared for the treatment.