How long will it take me to Recover after Weight Loss Surgery?

This will vary from individual to individual and depends on what procedure you have, your health condition and if there were any complications.  Some patients who cope well with surgery have been preparing for surgery by getting into healthy lifestyle habits prior to surgery.  The fastest recoveries are approximately 2-3 weeks.  While it is possible to recover physically in short amounts of time, it takes many patients much longer to adjust to a long-term healthy lifestyle.  There will be many ups and downs in adjusting to a new lifestyle which you should be expecting.  Having realistic ideas about some of the difficulties and being prepared to fact them is the best attitude.  Those patients that expect to lose lots of weight instantly and for it to be easy can end up becoming depressed.  It is important to your recovery that you gain support from close friends and family and medical professionals.  The recovery doesn’t end after the first week back at home.  Many patients face many emotions several months after the surgery, depression is common in many patients.  Sharing experiences with others who have had weight loss surgery is useful so you know you are not alone.