Weight Loss Surgery (Obesity Surgery) Consultation

An initial consultation is a chance to discuss the procedures, fully weigh up your options and gather information. Do ask the consultant lots of questions and raise any concerns you may have.  The consultant should have a referral letter from GP, this is important as it contains your medical history and valuable information for the consultant.  The consultation is a chance to get to know the consultant and understand fully what is involved before, during and after surgery.  The consultant will want to make sure that you are fully aware of the risks as well as the benefits to weight loss surgery and that you fully understand the procedure.  You will be asked questions about your eating habits, diet, exercise and lifestyle.  The consultant needs to know that you will be committed to a healthy lifestyle post surgery.

Preparing for the Consultation

It is best to be as prepared for the initial consultation as you can be.  The initial consultation does not mean you are however under any obligation to have the surgery.  The consultation is designed to be an opportunity to have open dialogue with your consultant about all aspects of the procedure.  It is an excellent opportunity to understand more about the surgery, often you will be shown diagrams and images, which will help your understand much more clearly what is involved in the surgery.

For many the choice to have weight loss surgery is one that has taken many years to come to.  This often means that by the time of the initial consultation, you are already very knowledgeable on the procedure and the options available.  In most cases weight loss surgery patients have had discussions with their GP over a long period of time prior to the consultation.  This is a positive factor and has probably given you a good understanding of why you want to have the surgery.  Prior discussions with GP’s and dieticians may have covered the ways in which your weight negatively impacts on your life.  Do tell the consultant as much as you can as this will all help him/her gain a picture of your individual story and help establish a good relationship between the two of you. 

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