Weight Loss Surgery Myths

The most important point to stress is that it is key that you are prepared and informed to make the decision to go ahead with weight loss surgery.  Getting the right advice is crucial; weight loss surgery is surrounded by many myths from horror stories about surgeries gone wrong to fairytales of saved lives.  

Here are a few myths, which are important to address:

Weight loss surgery is a magic wand to weight loss

As you read this guide you will be well aware that there is nothing easy about weight loss surgery.  There are risks and complications from surgery you may have to face as well as the many emotional ups and downs.  Learning a whole new eating pattern and exercise routine requires commitment and effort.

You’ll never regain your weight

Weight loss surgery is no more than a tool to help you lose and maintain a healthy weight.  There are no guarantees that you will not gain weight, some patients do gain around 20-30 per cent or even more.  Following an aftercare plan of regular exercise and a healthy diet will greatly improve your chances of not regaining weight.

You’ll never be hungry

Many patients experience ‘head hunger’ which is a symptom of withdrawal from food.  Your body will adjust to eating smaller amounts of food and you will only feel mild sensations of hunger in the immediate months after surgery.  Further down the line, a year or two after surgery you will begin to experience hunger as you did before the surgery.  However you will only need a small meal to satisfy this hunger unlike before the surgery. 

You’ll be happy after surgery

Weight loss surgery will help you reach a normal weight, which can bring you many benefits, however it can not solve all your problems.  It is very common for patients to feel depressed after surgery, there are many emotional ups and downs you will experience post surgery.  Some patients are impatient, expecting instant results in the first month or two.  It is important to have realistic expectations of the surgery and to understand that you may need to work on some deep seated emotional issues related to food. 

Weight loss surgery is dangerous

There are risks associated with weight loss surgery like any surgery.  The death rate for weight loss surgery is approximately one half of 1 per cent.  It is important to be aware of the risks, however you must put these into perspective.   Consider the health risks of staying morbidly obese; you may be at greater risk if you don’t have the surgery.

I’ll have a great body

Excessive skin is something that is very common after surgery, as your body loses fat the skin doesn’t necessary shrink along with the body.  The main thing to remember is that you may not have the perfect body but you will be healthier.  There are things you can do to help with excess skin such as exercise and cosmetic surgery. 

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