Weight Loss Surgery (Obesity Surgery) Abroad

Why Choose Weight Loss Surgery Abroad

Increasing many weight loss surgery patients are opting to go abroad for their treatment.  However, many patients are very confused about the whole issue of weight loss surgery abroad.  Scare stories in the press in recent years have highlighted many of the horrors that can occur if things don’t go to plan.  Reports of ‘botched jobs’ done abroad and foreign clinics ‘shutting up shop’ after the surgery and offering no aftercare are some of the horrors we hear about in the media.  Of course these are extremes and very rare, although such unfortunate things can happen it is best to keep a balanced and open mind about weight loss surgery abroad.  There are risks of course but on the other hand high quality, low cost surgery is often within reach for many by traveling abroad. 

The area of weight loss surgery abroad is somewhat of a minefield and above all requires good research before deciding on where to go and which procedure to have done.  A patient considering weight loss surgery abroad has many concerns such as the standard of care, how to compare one country with another, what questions should I ask about the treatment to name a few.  As a weight loss surgery patient you will need to be thorough and take time to explore the numerous and increasingly different options available.  You will also have additional things to consider, such as the cost of travel, aftercare and insurances.  So why go abroad for your weight loss surgery?  There are a myriad of reasons, here are just some reasons patients are choosing to go further a field for surgeries:

  • High quality surgery is available abroad
  • Costs are often lower and highly competitive
  • ‘Package deals’ are often available, making the logistics easier than it used to be as arrangements are made for you.
  • More countries than before are offering weight loss surgeries abroad
  • Internationally renowned doctors and surgeons
  • The weight loss surgeries are becoming more common so doctors and surgeons abroad are more experienced
  • Hospital accommodation can be of a higher quality than at home
  • Treatment can be quicker, no waiting lists.
  • Strict criteria by UK NHS for weight loss surgeries
  • Funding not being available for weight loss surgery on the NHS
  • A change to experience a different country and enjoy a warmer climate

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