Follow-Up Care for Weight Loss Surgery

Post surgery you will continue to have contact with medical professionals.  Your relationship with your surgeon will be long-term, this is why it is important to choose the right surgeon for you.  Post surgery you will be monitored closely in the first few months for any side effects from surgery.  Side effects and complications are generally rare, however if you do experience any discomfort or anything that feels wrong always report this to your surgeon immediately.  A leak left unchecked could lead to serious problems for example.  Do not however worry unnecessarily about complications and side effects as it is in most cases very obvious due to the discomfort, pain, vomiting that you will experience if there is anything wrong post surgery.  Regular check ups will almost always find anything which needs further examination and this is the purpose of this close monitoring in the first few months. 

General check-ups will follow after the first few months post surgery.  These check ups will become less frequent if all is well as time goes on.  Your follow up care will include regular checks on you weight, blood as well as advice on special diets and nutritional produces, individualised exercise programs, suggestions for lifestyle changes and any prescription medications.   

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