Revision Weight Loss Surgery

Revision surgery is provided where your original weight loss surgery has either a complication, or it is not working effectively, or if you are gaining weight. Usually this occurs with the Gastric Band or with a Gastric Bypass and usually surgery will either attempt to adjust and improve this specific surgery, or all together perform a different procedure which could either be a duodenal switch or biliopancreatic diversion. These weight loss procedures adjust your intestines and may therefore help you to lose weight in a different way.

Revision Surgery on the NHS

Whether you are looking at any of the four options (Gastric Band, Bypass, Duodenal Switch or a Biliopancreatic Diversion) the NHS will require that you meet specific guidelines, these will be the same guidelines you had previously needed to meet to have your initial surgery done. These are:

  • BMI above 40, or above 35 if you suffer from a medical issue that can be improved by weight loss.
  • If you have had problems with losing weight through other methods for a substantial amount of time, and if surgery is your last option.
  • An attitude which demonstrates commitment and which shows you will work hard to lose weight.

Obviously the circumstances will be slightly different here, as you will most probably meet these guidelines as you have already undergone surgery. The NHS will consider your previous operation history and will recommend what method for revision surgery will be best for you, If it is considered that your current condition is inflicting upon your health you may be considered for revision surgery, and it is usually the case that if you had your original surgery on the NHS you MAY be covered for revision surgery depending of course on the circumstances. Your best option is to visit your GP or NHS clinic where your original surgery took place.

Private Revision Weight Loss Surgery

Many people opt for private surgery, If you have previously paid for surgery and will require revision surgery you may be required to pay again. If the reason you require revision surgery is down to something which is not seen as extremely urgent, you will of course be required to pay. You will be required to meet the guidelines you originally needed to meet to pass for surgery, these are covered above in the NHS section. These guidelines are used across the UK, and are set out to ensure your safety. You will find that surgeons will offer to you the 4 types of surgery – Gastric band, bypass, duodenal switch and a biliopancreatic diversion.

Revision Weight Loss Surgery Abroad

If you are looking at surgery abroad, wither because originally your surgery was done there or because you cannot afford UK prices then it can be quite appealing as the price difference is usually between 30 and 80% lower than what is offered within the UK. You will again be only accepted for surgery if you meet specific guidelines that the clinic follows, these are usually similar to the guidelines followed by the NHS however the clinic itself may be slightly more lenient in accepting you. You will need to demonstrate that your BMI is above 35, if you suffer from a medical condition such as type 2 diabetes or a heart condition this could influence your acceptance. You should also have evidence that in the past you have tried to lose weight, but have never achieved the results you wanted. You will also need to show that you are willing to dedicate your future lifestyle to losing the weight and working hard. When looking into prices you will need to consider the package the clinic is offering as some will offer all inclusive packages including accommodation and travel, whereas others will just offer the price of the procedure. Your condition should be assessed and you will be recommended with the best procedure for you therefore you should then research individual pricings on that specific procedure.

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