Duodenal Switch

Once you have decided that altering your life through surgery is for you, one surgical method to consider when looking into weight loss surgery is the Duodenal Switch procedure. You will of course need to understand that undergoing weight loss surgery, is not a quick fix for any weight problems you may have. You will be required to adjust your lifestyle greatly to ensure your safety and suitability for such a procedure; you will need high amounts of motivation and dedication throughout the process, as well as meeting specific requirements for surgery.


To ensure that you keep yourself safe and are able to recover and gain the best results from the weight loss surgery, you will of course need to be classed as clinically obese, usually with a BMI of above 40 or above 35 if you suffer from any medical problems which could be improved by weight loss surgery. You will also need to prove that surgery is your last resort and that you have attempted weight loss in the past but never achieved the desired result, and most importantly you will need to show that you are dedicated enough to adapt your lifestyle. As a Duodenal switch procedure requires part of the stomach to be removed (usually around 70%) you will need to change what and when you eat.

How does a Duodenal Switch work?

The duodenal switch procedure works by removing a large section of your stomach, your stomach will be reduced in size and around 70% of the stomach will be removed during an operation where you will be under general anaesthetic. Your surgeon will adjust your digestive system be re-directing your intestines, one section will carry your food intake and nutrients and the other section of the intestine will carry digestive juices such as bile, this separation reduces the intake of calories.


In many cases if the individual is prepared and motivated to change then great results will be achieved, it has been found that the majority of people lose between 75 and 80% of their excess body weight, and with this weight loss brings a whole host of other advantages. Many people find that their medical health can improve greatly through a healthier diet as well as a reduction in problems with conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure amongst other conditions. Other people also find that once the results start showing their personal lifestyle improves greatly, through the types of activities they can involve themselves in, socially and professionally and many find a huge improvement within their self confidence.


Due to this procedure removing a section of your stomach as well as re-routing your intestines, there are a larger number of risks associated with this procedure when compared to other weight loss methods. However every intention will be made prior to surgery to ensure that your safety is taken into account, you will undergo numerous medical checks as well as having the option of various consultations available to you. You should ensure that you are 100% sure that you can commit yourself to such a dramatic lifestyle change, as this dedication will result in a successful amount of weight loss and along with that a substantial improvement in your everyday life.

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