Weight Loss Surgery (Obesity Surgery) Insurance

You may have health insurance, however there is no guarantee that it will cover the cost of weight loss surgery.  Those that are covered by insurance often face a lengthy process of providing evidence and documentation for approval by the insurance company. Even if you do have health insurance there is no guarantee that some companies will pay for your surgery.  If your insurance company will pay then there will be a long and complicated journey in which you will have to overcome many hurdles.  You will have to satisfy their criteria and provide a great deal of documentation and the process can be very lengthy, so don’t expect this to be easy. 

The first thing to do is to understand fully your insurance policy, every company and policy is different.  It is becoming more common for insurance carriers to now print written guidelines on weight loss surgery.

Obtaining insurance approval is not easy and for many it is a major obstacle so you will need to be prepared for a length process and be as well informed as you can. 

The second step is to give your insurance company the information it requires.  This information will vary with each company but the basic information required will be things such as:

  • Height, weight, body mass index (BMI),
  • Description of your obesity health conditions and records of treatments
  • Descriptions of the limitations you experience as a result of obesity
  • Detailed history of dieting, medical programmes
  • History of exercise programs, receipts to health clubs etc 

One of the highs on your weight loss surgery journey will be when you hear that your insurance company will pay for your procedure.

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