What happens if I get turned down by the NHS for my Weight Loss Surgery?

There are options if you are turned down, it depends very much on the reason you were turned down.  If you do no meet the criteria then you may have to accept that you are not a good candidate for weight loss surgery.  In this case another method of weight loss might suit you better, make sure you have fully tried and investigated all the other options.  Listen to the advice of professionals such as GP’s and dietitians. 

Many are turned down simply because there is not enough funding to go around, or because weight loss surgery is not a high priority with your local NHS Trust.  Being turned down is extremely defeating and it is natural to feel discouraged at this state.  However many do appeal and have positive outcomes.  Make sure your GP is sympathetic and use his/her advice and support to appeal if that is what you chose to do.  Make sure you fully meet the criteria and keep a detailed record of your original application and