What will happen if I eat food too early after Weight Loss Surgery?

It is important that you don’t rush each dietary stage and take advice from your dietitian.  Eating solid foods too early will put your new pouch under stress and could stretch it unduly.  If you do try out a food which has unpleasant side effects it is important to go back to puree foods or even liquids.  You can then try again after a few days and gradually introduce new foods. 

Eating solid foods too early will probably make you feel or be sick after especially if you try to eat too much. If you eat too many sugary or fatty foods you can get an unpleasant sensation, called "dumping", which may make you feel sick or faint, or give you diarrhoea.  Always build up to each dietary stage gradually, trying out each type of food in small quantities.  Chewing your food slowly and well is very important as is drinking plenty of fluids with your food.

If you do experience unpleasant side effects drink plenty of fluids until the feelings have passed, and reduce the amount of sugary foods you eat.