Chillies Linked to Weight Loss

Thursday 29th April

New research shows that people eating chillies could hot-foot their way to weight loss. Researchers at the University of California claim that eating chilli peppers could cause weight loss to occur naturally by speeding up the body's metabolism resulting in shedding excess pounds.

Researchers believe that a chemical that naturally occurs in the chillies, capsaicin, could be key to speeding up the body's fat burning processes. Capsaicin is found in spicy and non-spicy peppers and is thought to give peppers their 'heat' or stinging sensation. Scientists claim that capsaicin could even cause the body to oxidise layers of fat. Researchers believe that people who regularly consume the capsaicin loaded peppers could boost their metabolism by up to 50%.

The scientist reached their conclusions by studying the effect eating chilli peppers had on a test group of 34 men and women. All participants were given a low calorie diet, however some were given a placebo pill and others were given a pepper supplement containing capacisn. Researchers found that men and women who had consumed the pepper supplement had twice as much energy as their non chilli eating counterparts.

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