Fat Tax To Fight Obesity

Thursday 13th May 2010

The Food standards Agency is considering taxing junk food in order to fight growing levels of obesity. The planned "fat tax" would increase the cost of processed foods, sugary drinks, chocolate, crisps and more - operating in the same way as taxes on alcohol and tobacco.

Britain's National Obesity Forum has lended support to the plan, claiming that the move could lower the cases of obesity, strokes, heart disease and more. It is thought that up to 3000 deaths could be prevented every year by levying taxes on unhealthy food favourites.

The Food Standards Agency are currently studying whether a hike in food prices would positively influence people's eating habits and waist-lines. It is thought that the "fat tax" could raise in excess of £2 billion for the economy. However, sceptics claim that the
move could disproportionately affect low income families living on the breadline.

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