Fit Friends

Friday 11th June 2010

Its official. Women looking to drop a dress size may just have a new weight-loss weapon - their girlfriends. Research commissioned by the insurance company Diamond, claims that women who exercise with a friend shed more than 10 lbs, on average, than female counterparts who decide to slim solo.

Researchers surveyed over 3,000 British women and found that two in every three women can’t muster the will power to exercise alone. However, women with a fit friend, felt increasingly motivated and pushed themselves harder in their quest for body bliss. Women who exercised together also felt that their friendship grew stronger - with over 50% of participant claiming that they bonded even more with girlfriends as they jogged, ran or swam.

Researchers hope that the findings will enable women, and even men, to slim successfully by adopting habits that help them to exercise more frequently.

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